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About Us

A large volume and wide variety of hazardous and toxic materials are currently in use. Coupled with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements positive containment and control measures have become mandatory.
SG Valves are well qualified to provide technological assistance for applications involving hazardous and difficult to- handle fluids and gases.
SG engineers combine more than 30 years of experience in valve design and development with expertise in metallurgical techniques. Their strategic use of Special materials and other high performance metals makes Bellow Seal Valves the optimum choice worldwide for a broad range of applications.
The exceptional versatility, superior operating characteristics, robust construction and consistent dependability of SG Valves have won us widespread acceptance across the industry, especially chemical and hydrocarbon processing industries.


Typical applications of our valves include : Thermic fluid, Ammonia, Chlorine, Phosgene, Butadine, Benzene, Ethylene, Hydrochloric acid, Hydrogen, Steam, Fatty acid to name just a fraction of the many possible uses.

  • Our uniquely engineered, of time and performance tested, Bellow Seal Valves assure safer operating conditions and compliance with anti-pollution regulations.

  • Our ‘Zero Stem’ leakage design eliminates product losses, hazards to humans, the environment, and costly downtime required for packing maintenance.

  • Our Valves are available in all popular sizes in flanged, threaded as well as weld end configurations.

It has been proven through various studies about process plant emission that 75% of leakages are occurring through valves in pipelines. The leakages cause
1) Environmental pollution
2) Production loss
3) Process problems
4) Energy loss.
In line with present emphasis on prevention of environmental pollution and energy saving, it is necessary to plug these leakages.