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rotary-valve-type-h-ar-30-400-900ROTARY VALVE

Standard Features

  • Maximum number of blades in contact with body at one time without affecting throughput.
  • Adequate throat opening at valve entry allowing high pocket filling efficiency.
  • Minimum clearance at rotor tips and sides with body.
  • Robust body adequately stiffened to prevent distortion.
  • Heavy shaft diameters minimizing deflection.
  • Outboard bearing for non-contamination.
  • Precision machining of components.


Bodies &

End Covers                  –           Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, 304 & 316.

End Covers                  –           Cast Iron, Stainless Steel spigot located in body for concentricity.

Rotor                           –           Fabricated Mild or Stainless Steel, 304 & 316, wear blades with

adjustable slots.

Bearing                       –           Sealed-for-life-ball type.

Shaft Sealing               –           Leap Seals & Gland Pack.

Drive                           –           TEFC geared motor unit side wall mounted to valve body and complete with taper lock sprockets chain drive all in an enclosed guard.

Sizes – 100 – 150 – 200 – 250 – 300 – 400 – 500 NB

SizesIn NB 100 150 200 250 300 400 500
VolumeIn Ltrs 1.0 1.6 4.8 7.9 15.8 36 45

images-2DUAL TUNNEL DIVERTER VALVE – Quick seal change version


The Dual Tunnel Diverter Valve is designed to Divert in Dilute and Dense Phase Conveying Systems to number of destinations.

Size – 80 – 100 – 125 NB

Salient Features

  • Plug with two separate channels
  • Diverting angle 35th degree
  • Shortest possible switchover time as designed with two separate channels
  • Powerful Pneumatic Cylinder center connected to plug through linkages
  • Designed for maximum system pressure of 6 bar g and Solids Temperature 120 co
  • Either Static or Dynamic Seal.
  • Safe area classification available on request.
  • Housing Aluminum with inserted Stainless steel pipe.
  • Plug & connectors made of Aluminum.
  • Sealing By Silicon Rubber
  • Position Indicator – Packaged unit with Dual solenoid, Limit switches, Proximity switches.



The Single Tunnel Diverter Valve is designed to divert solids in powder or granular form in dilute or dense phase pneumatic conveying handling systems.

Size – 150NB, 200NB, 250 NB

Mater of Construction:

  • Housing in AL Casting with inserted SS pipes
  • Side covers made Al Casting
  • Plug in AL Casting with Inserted SS pipes
  • Shaft and all bolts made of Stainless steel

Standard Design Features:

  • All contact parts made of stainless steel
  • Universal application as L, T or Y Diverter valve with identical housing plug, side, plates and interchangeable pipe couplings.
  • Static or Dynamic sealing on both ports of plug.
  • Plug with one single channels.
  • Diverting angle 45o, 90o or 22.5o
  • Position change without stopping gas stream
  • Powerful pneumatic actuator with integrated support pads.
  • No moving parts outside packing unit for maximum work safety
  • Delivered as package unit with dual solenoid valve, limit switches and terminal box completely pre-piped and pre-wired for static scaling.
  • Designed for max system pressure 3,5 barg
  • Solids temperature up to 120o



The two-way valve is used to distribute the solids in two pipelines. How-ever, it can be used either in pneumatic low-pressure or in high pressure system. Two-way valve can be used for all pneumatically conveyable solids, either in dust- or powder form. Exceptions are conveying products which incline to cake, stick or clump. Due to varied sealing materials, products with temperatures of 180o C max. can be conveyed without any problems.

Sizes : 80 – 100 – 150 – 200 NB

Salient Features

  • Body-Cast Iron
  • Sealing Cone-Cast Iron, Silicon Rubber
  • The distribution of the conveying stream is achieved by throwing the swivel arm. The Closed outlet by a gasket ring forced against a hardened ring.
  • The pneumatic swivel drive with integrated limit switches for the electrical remote position indication and the 5/2 way solenoid valve ensure a safe operation of the two way valve. However the two-way valve is also available with electro-motor drive.
  • Perfect Sealing, in such way that the conveyed material’s purity is absolute and guaranteed such that soiling cannot occur. Long life time, Since a material cushion is up during conveying on which the following material is sliding.

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